Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Play Gym days

This picture is from a week or so ago, but it's such a great shot of her sweet face. She's already outgrown her 0-3 month clothes. Now is the fun part because we have tons of 3-6 months dresses and outfits that the girls will choose from every day as they take turns dressing her.
This is what we call her hipster hair. It's kinda like a mohawk here and most days it just stands up and sticks out. Doesn't really matter if I try to comb it down with my fingers because with every nap she wakes up with a new do.
She loves her bath.
She really loves this play gym thingy that we got from Daddy Bill and Nana. She will lay and look up at the toys. One of us is usually under their looking up at the toys with her. This time I caught the whole family under the play gym.
Even our dog Blue loves to be close to her.
I've started my Mommy & Me Dance Class at our studio on Thursday mornings. This is what we look like for class. Katherine gets in this spot and doesn't make a peep for the entire 30 minute class. It's pretty cute. She usually ends up sucking on the top of the bjorn by her chin and drooling down the front of it.
 Here's a few cuties from my class.


William Kruidenier said...

Wow -- those are great pictures! Every new picture is evidence of how much she is changing and becoming her own little person. Such a sweetie -- wish I could fit under the play thing and watch her figuring out those colors and shapes. Cool to see Blue treating her like one of his own!

William Kruidenier said...

Also -- meant to say how nice it is to see back on the dance floor! That's wild that you can dance and exercise with Katie strapped on. That must be a time of super-excitement for her with all the motion, sights, and sounds she experiences in a half hour. Things are getting back to normal with Jen dancing again!

Lesley said...

Yeah, Jen. Glad to see you are dancing again. I bet Katie loves to be there. I am really starting to itch to meet her!!