Monday, December 18, 2006

all together again!

I pretended to be a photographer the other day and spent a little while trying to get a photo of all of us to send out in our christmas card. I couldn't get one that I really liked but this one turned out pretty good.

I let the girls take pictures with the camera when we came back inside. This one was taken by Ellen. What a model! I'm getting him back for joking that no one reads this blog!

We went to see the christmas lights at the zoo tonight. It was a beautiful night. I haven't seen that many lights in a long time. I made the mistake of telling the girls that it was the 3rd Santa we have seen this year. Ellen didn't even want to talk with him. Arianna told him she wanted a cinderella dollhouse. i don't know where she got that from. Ellen told me today when she was writing a letter to santa that she wants a purple fairy book. I can't figure where she got that from either. I told her I didn't know where to get that and she was sure that santa would be able to get one for her. Anyone know where I can get a purple fairy book?

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