Tuesday, December 05, 2006


This was an amazing experience. Once again we were at a place when hardly no one else was there. We had the whole zoo to ourselves. We got to see a lot of animals close up but Arianna and I loved to visit the gorillas. There are 3 males that live there behind a huge sheet of glass. They will sometimes sit right next to the window. They have been interactive in the past but since we were the only ones in there we really got to spend some time with them. This one was actually giving kisses to us and looking us right in the eye. One time he stood up and hit his fists against the window before running up the hill. He came back and sat right back down by us. When I was sitting there next to him I had set my purse down to put my camera back in and he was very interested in what was inside. He was watching me look through the bag and we pulled a few things out like a coloring page and snacks and he was looking at them. The girls had a lot of fun showing him the stuff.

Ellen said that her favorite part of the day was watching the meerkats. Those little squirrel like animals that dig in the ground are pretty fun to watch. But she also loves to feed the lorikeets. These birds are beautiful. Arianna and I are a little skiddish. I have yelled out a few times as they fly right by skimming my head with their wings. We have been in there when they sit on us. I have to hold Arianna because she said it hurts when they get on her.

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Anonymous said...

awesome pics. I hope the girls see the humanity in the gorillas and the animality in themselves. I can't wait till they are old enough to read "Ishmael" by Daniel Quinn.