Wednesday, December 13, 2006

another chapter

Daniel defended his thesis in Indianapolis on Monday and he has now officially completed his masters degree in Philosophy! He has worked very hard for the past 2 1/2 years. When we made the decision to sell our houses and quit a good paying job in one of the most beautiful places (Booone) you might have thought we were crazy! We moved away from everything we were familiar with and made a life for ourselves in Indy. We began the life of grad students. Daniel took on the job and lifestyle like a pro. Once I got adjusted to the new town I fell in love with the big city and of course the people. I am so proud of Daniel for taking the chance--leaving what he knew and was good at to go for what he really loved, studying and teaching philosophy. It is not a rare thing around our house to brew a pot of coffee or tea after dinner so daniel can get through several more hours of work after the girls go to bed. I tell him he is crazy. This weekend, my friend Claire called him a machine. He just looks at me and tells me he loves it. What a man! We are proud of you daniel. Congratulations!!!! Now we get a whole month to be together and take a break. :)

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