Sunday, February 11, 2007


We had Arianna's birthday party today. We spent all weekend getting ready for it. The girls and I made little magic wands out of sticks from the backyard. I cut out foam stars and then I wrote initials with white glue and the girls sprinkled glitter on them. It was out homemade party favor:) to go along with the princess theme. We had about 11 kids and more adults. I was busy and didn't get to talk to anyone the entire time. I was standing gaurd at the trampoline making sure no one tumbled off or got to crazy! (i'm a little paranoid now:) ) We played a big game of hide and seek in the backyard. When it was Arianna's turn to count I had all the kids hide in the dining room under the table where the cake was. After she searched the entire backyard she came inside and the kids yelled surprise. Arianna's face was priceless! After we sang and ate cake and ice cream, all the girls got dressed up and played on the trampoline. They took turns dancing and I bounced around and played a few games with them. I thought the party was a success because we all had a good time and no one got hurt!
This was my 2nd try at the castle cake and I think it came out a lot better than the first. This one sorta looks like a castle:)

This is the new drumset from a friend of ours. She picked it up at a consignment shop. It just so happens that we've been drumming a lot lately. The girls are starting to get the idea of a rythm and they've been making up their own with some drum sticks that daniel made from the backyard. So, this drumset came at the perfect time.

We were really thankful to have lots of friends and family to celebrate with. Arianna got presents from her friend in Boone and Indy. We also had Daniel's dad, mom and sister Anna and Mike come down for the day. And thanks to Shael I now have Skype. If you haven't heard it's an online video call program. I bought a really cheap camera for my computer so that I can do video calls. We were able to call and talk with my mom who is in Jackson with our family there. Mom has been able to see Arianna open presents and we've been able to communicate through live video with my grandmother, aunt and cousins. It's pretty amazing!

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