Friday, February 16, 2007

winter days

It's actually been cold here in South Carolina! It is so much warmer than other places, I know, but I can complain too:) We did go out to the park a few times this week but we couldn't stay long today because our hands got too cold. My mom came into town on Wednesday for Arianna's birthday but she had to leave early for a funeral and go back down to Mississippi. We've tried to make the best of these long winter days. Some of our indoor activities have been making valentine cookies, starting a science fair project that I'm sure I'll post more about later, lots of reading, and tons of dancing!! I got a great video of the dancing but it takes forever to upload.
The girls sipping hot chocolate in our "fancy" cups!

For our science fair project we added food coloring to the water to see what would happen to the flower. We have been checking them every day. They are slowly beginning to change colors. Our science fair is in late february so we are taking pictures to document the progress:)

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Anna said...

Cute winter days. I see a true love for home life, learning and sisterhood.
Love you all.