Friday, April 13, 2007

bike riding

We've been practicing for a while. Ellen first rode without help a few months ago but we took a break and they were riding their bikes with training wheels on our deck and porch and carport. It became their new thing to do and they would set up courses around chairs and tools and take turns going first through it. I loved watching Ellen's face when she started getting comfortable on 2 wheels. She became so confident so quick. Now she is stopping and starting, riding through grass and up hills. We are able to walk a short distance to this public school playground and basketball court which is a perfect spot to ride around. Arianna is learning too although she is a lot more relaxed about it. She looks around and stops peddling but she doesn't want to stop trying. It's breaking our back. I can hardly hold her up on that tiny bike for more than a few minutes until Daniel takes over again bending down even farther to hold on and push her along.
I talk about singing in the video because before I started recording Ellen was singing Twinkle Twinkle little star in her own Rock version. It was so cute.

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