Thursday, April 12, 2007

Uncle Stephen

We had an awesome visit with Daniel's brother Stephen. He's living in Charlotte now but is planning to move soon. We shared dinner and jumped on the trampoline. Daniel was having so much fun jumping with him because he finally got to jump with someone strong enough to double-bounce him. Stephen showed off his front and back flip skills and they laughed and horsed around together. He spent the night with us and Daniel took a night off from studying to hang out and watch Pride fighting online with Stephen (I don't like to watch it) and then American Idol. I'm into that show this season. I haven't voted but if I did it would be for Blake:)


williamk said...

What is that building in the background? Don't recognize it as a neighbor's house.

Anonymous said...

That is the addition of Mrs. Nadene's house similar to ours except with real vinyl siding.

Claire said...

Go Blake! He's a hotty.