Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter Freeze?!

Friday we had our "Tea Party Club" and so we did easter egg hunt in the park then had cupcakes, craft and story. Here are all the girls going through the goodies.

Today we went over to a friend's house and did another easter egg hunt. These are some of the only boys that Ellen and Arianna play with.:) They loved dressing up with swords, shields, helmets, etc. They have a beautiful back and front yard with no grass--mostly edible greens and native plants.
This last picture is of our sad garden. We've had freezing temperatures for the past 2 nights and will have them again tonight. I was just watching the news and they said that Columbia set a record low of 26 degrees--the lowest temp recorded for the month of April ever. How sad for our poor little garden. We have been putting straw, blankets and tarps over everything. Our fig trees look frost bitten. Hopefully things will come back. We'll see. . .

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williamk said...

I bet the blue tarps did the trick. You'd be amazed at how well they trap "heat" -- there can be a plant-saving difference of 4-5 degrees. Even if the leaves get "burned" a bit, I'll bet the plants survive.