Monday, June 04, 2007

house shopping

Everyone knows that moving is awefull!!! I hate it. It's complicated because of all the phone calls and new services that you have to shop for, set up and get organized. It's stressful because there is usually some sort of a timeline or deadline that you are working with. And it's emotionally draining leaving your friends and your home and starting over. It can be a very lonely. I know all these things because we have done it several times (Boone to Indy to Columbia). The good news is--all the hard times are worth it. Your new home can be just as good as your old one. It's exciting to be in a new town and meeting new people. I've made some of my best friends in places I never thought I would. I say all this because I've got 2 very good friends that are in process of moving right now.(not counting Lesley who moved from TN to VA last month) Anna and family moved from Boone to Durham this weekend and Shael moved from Indy to Greenville a few weeks ago. After talking to Shael on the phone several times last week we (the girls and I) decided to make a trip to go see them. I wanted to see the house that Shael and Tom are buying and be there with her to check out their new neighborhood. The girls always want to play with their best friend lily. So saturday morning we left Daniel at home to work on the rain barrels and his new classes that start Monday and drove to Greenville. Shael's husband Tom watched the kids so that Shael and I could go sit in the house that they have a contract on. We talked about where all the furniture was going, where the kids room would be and walked down the street to get a feel for the neighborhood. After that we went back to their apartment and went swimming with the kids then had a sleepover at their place. Thanks for having us guys--I think you are going to love Greenville and we look forward to visiting many times:)

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