Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Meet Max

Our cat Tigre disappeared last week. We had gotten him the same time we moved into the house which was a little under a year ago. The girls loved him and were very sad that he was gone. We don't know exactly what happened to him. He spent most of his nights outside and one morning he just didn't come back. So we waited about a week or so and decided it was time to get a new kitty. We went to the city animal shelter and picked max. It was very hard to not get more kittens since there were tons of them and they are just so darn cute. But we decided on the little black and white one. We all love our new pet. Even Jay is excited to have someone else to play with. Ellen and Arianna followed him around with my camera yesterday and these are some of the pictures they got.


Ginger said...

So sad about Tigre, but Max sure is cute. Madeline is starting to notice Stella more and more. Stella, of course, could care less.

William said...

Max -- good name -- short for Maximilian, I assume. Comes from a long line of emperor-like Roman cats? :-)

Anonymous said...

Can't believe Tigre is gone--I bet he comes back. Max is adorabe and Ellen is an amazing photographer. What talented children you have!