Wednesday, September 05, 2007

fun at the zoo

We had a few hours of free time so we decided to go the zoo this afternoon. We walked in right as they were about to begin their bird show so we decided to check it out. The girls volunteered to hold the hoola hoops as "Houdini" the hawk flew in and through them. They were excited and amazed as his wings touched both of them.

We then walked on to the 3D movie called Animal Adventures. It is a short film and it was the perfect length for our first 3D experience. I was afraid that Arianna might get scared but she didn't even want to sit with me. She's such a big girl now:) I was the one that needed to look away. I got a little dizzy a few times. In the movie, the audience was seeing the world through different animal's eyes. Pretty cool but kinda sickening (for me) as we swooped and dived! Ellen had a huge smile on her face during the movie and made very loud comments about how she felt like she was going to fall out of her seat or the animals were touching her. I could tell Arianna was working hard at being brave and quietly sat at the edge of her seat.

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