Sunday, September 16, 2007

Party Report

Saturday was the big day for Ellen's 6th birthday party. First we woke up and had homeade biscuits. Then I started getting ready for the party and Daniel took the girls to the mall. Our present to Ellen was ear piercing. She has been talking about it for a while and Daniel told her that he would get one of his done at the same time. He is saving his other ear for Arianna's 5th birthday in February. She was very brave and came home with a huge smile on her face. Turning 6 is a big deal. It just seems like she is so much older now. For example, I thought it was great when she turned down the balloon that the clerk offered her at the grocery store the other day. She said she just didn't want one. Up until now that has been an exciting part of our grocery trips but I could tell that this time it just wasn't that important to her. I can think of so many examples of ways that she has grown this year and I'm so proud of the little girl that she is becoming.

She wanted to have a pajama party, but I knew that I couldn't have all her friends sleep at our house at the same time. So we made it a pretend slumber party and invited everyone to come to a pajama/no-parents-allowed early evening (3-5pm) party! The girls started off at the dining room table decorating crowns. Then they moved into the playroom for puppet shows and some play before the scavenger hunt that ended at he number 6 pinata. We had cake and opened presents and everyone played and had a blast. I thought I might go crazy a few times while trying to serve cake and drinks to all 17 girls. This is after the party:)

Three of the girls stayed the night for a sleep over. They are the sisters that we went to the beach with in the summer. So our evening continued with dinner and a movie. The girls all piled on a big pallet on our living room floor.

We woke up this morning (well they woke us up at 6:30 am) and had a bagel breakfast. Arianna actually came into my room before it was even fully light outside to ask for a piece of her candy from the pinata. We had to make them wait till 9 to jump on the trampoline. They were all so full of energy and so excited to be together. So many smiles and laughs.

Gail and Anna were also here. They helped out during the party cleaning and playing. Anna helped me paint some fingernails and apply a few temp. tattoos. They all had a ride on the new scooter after the party. So glad to be close to our family.

I didn't take many pictures during the party but William did and here are just a few from his camera. I will post more later in the week when I receive them in the mail. These were taken before the party while opening family presents.


Kathy said...

great pics. William is such a great photographer. Anna so beautiful too.
Love the earrings! I'm very proud of her!!!

Claire said...

The breakfast picture cracked me up, the contrast of sleepy, dad Daniel and the wide awake pink little girls is funny.

Helen said...

Jen and Daniel, I love watching your kids grow and cannot believe Ellen is already "6" years old! They are beautiful.

I am so glad you and Daniel are somewhat close to Les and Jason in Richmond. I hope you all can continue to see each other often.