Friday, September 28, 2007

Old Time Horse Farmers Gathering

Today we went on a field trip with our homeschool group. The young explorers' club meets every Friday for trips to museums, festivals, ballets, plays, etc. We did this club last year but it was every other Friday. Our first trip of the year was to the annual Old Time Horse Farmers Gathering in Blackville, SC. This description of the event was taken from their website.
"Come relive and enjoy the past, when the mule was king and the horse was in style. Events such as this educational living history demonstration help to teach our children about the past, as well as bring back the good old days of our grandpas. Experience farming and farm life before the tractor.

There were booths set up around the farm with volunteers teaching the kids about the different aspects of farm life during that time period. The girls watched and helped peel, press and cook apples for juice, cider, sauce and apple butter. (we got tastes of everything too.)

We made corn husks dolls at another booth

And the kids used the wash board and clothes press

A blacksmith

We watched and learned about spinning wool. She showed us how they comb the wool and shape it so that they can prepare it for spinning. They also had pictures of plants that they used for dying the wools and had examples of all different colors and a few samples of things she had made from her wool. We also got to see and pet sheep before and after being sheared.

There was live music in front of the farm house. The inside of the farmhouse was designed for the period as well. In the kitchen was a working wood stove that they were frying potatoes and baking bread in. They also demonstrated how to churn butter. They told us that it was usually a child's responsibility to churn the butter once a week for an hour. The girls didn't really like that idea too much.:)

This was the most fun for me--watching the horse plows. The kids had a blast working the fields. They were amazed at all the work that went into growing food. The horses were beautiful. The gentlemen and all the people working at this event were so kind and good with the kids. They loved showing off their animals and tools and teaching these kids about the way their life used to be.

wagon, sleigh, and Bare back riding. . .


William said...

What a cool trip -- I would have loved to have seen all that stuff!

Anna Morrison said...

What a great experience for you and your girls.