Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Strawberry picking

Ellen's description of the day. This is an example of something that we will put into the portfolio of schoolwork we keep for the girls.We were the first ones at the farm. Isn't it beautiful? I consider it a privilege that I can take my kids/students to the farm at any time. A few minutes later 2 bus loads full of school children surrounded us. We stayed well after them and picked for about 2 hours and brought home 2 gallons of fresh SC strawberries.

Here the girls are taking turns mashing the berries. We then took them into the kitchen, cooked the berries, added sugar and canned the jam using a water bath method. We used the recipe on the box of Panoma's Fruit Pectin.


Anna Morrison said...

yum! recipe please!

we just looked up some local strawberry patches here. we hope to do the same.

ellen's description is wonderful. such a keeper.

Scott said...

What an awesome experience. I love the way you approach homeschooling.

Lesley and Jason said...

Yup, we too are inspired and have plans to go berry picking and jam making this sunday with our friends. The dads are going to bake bread and then we will end our day smearing delicious fresh jam on freshly baked bread....yum
Thanks for the great ideas.

Love you and miss you tons.