Saturday, May 24, 2008

Daddy Bill and Nana

My dad and Davie (better known as Daddy Bill and Nana nowadays) drove up from Baton Rouge for a quick visit. They were only here for a few days and every moment was precious. I loved having them here all to ourselves instead of having to share them with the rest of the family:) We really got to spend quality time with them hanging out by the pool at their hotel and sharing meals at our favorite local places. We also visited the zoo and the art museum. They got a little taste of homeschooling and came out for our field trip to the Ancient Egyptian exhibit. They met the girls' friends and watched them participate in the studio time after the tour of the exhibit. The last night we tried to savor every moment on the front porch talking and sharing memories. What a sweet visit. I'm so thankful they made the trip up here. We miss them already.

The gorillas are always fascinating at the zoo. This big guy sits right in front of the window with his back to us most of the time. He gave us a show as he rolled around and stuck his bottom on the window:)

They wouldn't let me take pictures in the Egyptian exhibit at the Columbia Museum of Art so here we are in one of the galleries where the girls were studying some art work done by local students.
The girls were drawing Egyptian symbols they learned about in the museum. They used pencil, then stylus, then water colors on the plaster of paris tablets.


kellycowan said...

hi jen! i love catching up on your blog. i forgot to write you on your birthday...happy late 30th! i'm not far behind you. seeing your dad in a pic and then further down, your mom, made me want to write you too. lots of memories. remember in college you used to wear his old jeans? i think i acquired a pair at some point too. hope you are well. love, kel

Lesley said...

Aaaaahhhhh...return of the boob shirt! Ha ha. Just kidding Daniel, I love it. I guess you have started summer school now, huh?

Wish I could have been there to spend some qt with Daddy Bill and Nana. Glad you had such a great weekend.

Love you guys.