Sunday, May 18, 2008

Family Time

Once again, I'm a week behind. We got to spend mother's day weekend with lots of family. We went to Charlotte to see Daniel's brother, David, who was in town from Philadelphia. We got to spend the day by the pool with Aunt Anna and Grandmother Gail. Then we went over to Granddaddy William's house. He let us go through his collection of seeds, some from his mother's garden in Alabama.

Dave, Daniel and the girls.

Father and son posing with the seed packs. Arianna took this picture.

All of us posing with our flower necklaces we made from Granddaddy's yard.

Then on Sunday, mom and BB came in town and took us to lunch and toured our garden. I was so happy that they made the drive and I got to spend a relaxing mother's day with my mom. Daniel did all my work for the day and I hung out in the hammock and spent quality time with the family! What a great mother's day!

1 comment:

Anna Morrison said...

Your life is so rich. Love the family photos.

When can the Morrison's get that garden tour? Sign us up.

Your girls are growing up so much. :)

Miss you all.