Sunday, June 01, 2008


I know some of you are waiting for us to talk and show more pictures about gardening, but we've had to take a break for a few days. Daniel and I had our 8 year anniversary on Tuesday of last week. We celebrated by dropping the kids off with my mom and BB and spending the weekend alone in Boone. That's where we met (in college), spent lots of time together, married, owned homes, had the girls--we lived there for 8 years. It was like going back home. We spent the first night walking down the main street of the small downtown and we ate at our favorite new place, Tupelos (very veg friendly, Daniel worked for the owners at their first restaurant). The second day of our vacation was spent hiking 2 of our favorite trails off the Blue Ridge Parkway, Rough Ridge and Moses Cone Bass Lake trails.

This is the view from Howard's Knob which is just a short drive from downtown. You can see Boone and Appalachian State in the background.
Top of Rough Ridge trail and Grandfather Mountain
View from the top

I could say so much more about the memories of old times and the talk of the way things have changed since we lived there. I won't bore you with that. Since it was our anniversary I'll just say that I'm so thankful to be married to Daniel, my best friend. I'm a quality time kinda person so to be able to spend 2 days of uninterrupted QT time with him was wonderful. Thanks Mimi and BB for keeping the girls so we could make it happen.


David said...

Congratulations! If anyone can still give marriage a good name, you guys can. I'm so glad that I was able to spend so many memorable days with you in Boone. Here's to many more wherever you're living! Love you both.

William Kruidenier said...

Lovely pictures, lovely reminiscence, lovely memories. They always say "you can't go home" but you can visit. Those years will remain precious for your family. I was introduced to Boone and the High Country through Daniel at ASU and then you all living there. So I have great memories of that period as well. Thanks for the recall!

Stephen Kruidenier said...

Happy Anniversary! Love you.

Tracee said...

Happy Anniversary!