Friday, June 27, 2008

Meal Plan and the Morrisons

My friend Anna (see her blog Homegrown Sunshine) has posted her meal plan a few times and I thought it was a great idea. She and her family are our oldest vegan friends. I guess they are the only vegan family friends we have:) We all met in Boone before changing our eating habits. Anna and I have been learning together about vegan cooking for about 8 years. (Is that how long it's been?) She has given me some great ideas and recipes.

This reminds me that I never posted pictures from the time they visited us a few weeks ago. They stopped through on the way from the beach back to Durham, NC. We had a wonderful time together.

Anna and I got to chat and hang out together while the kids played. We have a lot and common and so have lots to share. We could talk for hours!
The guys went to campus together one day so Scott could attend Daniel's class. They spent the afternoon studying and working together.
So, back to the meal plan. If I post my meals here, I can use this for my own records and start to use the same plans over again. Another reason to post is to help answer the question, "Wow, you don't eat any meat or dairy? What do you eat?" I get that a lot;) So here's the answer.

Pesto Pasta, corn on the cob, and homemade peach cobbler
Thai coconut curry stir fry with tofu, broccoli, green beans and jasmine rice. Salad
Black bean burritos and zucchini bread
Veggie burgers and Not dogs for kids
Falafel pitas, hummus, tempeh and potato salad
Vegan Sloppy Joes, Mac and Cheesy
Veggie plate: Mashed potatoes, green beans, left over mac and cheesy, and corn bread

Note: Pesto, potatoes, green beans fresh from our garden
Corn and peaches from the local farmers market
For lunch: Tempeh and potato salad made great sandwiches during the week. Having extra black beans was also helpful for making quick lunch burritos. We also enjoyed tons of peaches, watermelon, plums, and corn from the local market throughout the week. As always, good ole PB&Js (with homemade strawberry jam) for lunch too.

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Tracee said...

YUM! Sounds and looks like you guys are doing well! Glad to be able to check in on you with your blog. Come on down to the beach anytime! ;)