Sunday, October 26, 2008

A birthday and a family weekend

We have had lots going on the past few weekends, but this one we are enjoying ourselves at home. It is a nice and refreshing break to get some work done around the house and spend quality time together doing our favorite seasonal activities.

We couldn't find a good pumpkin patch near our house so we decided to pick one up at our local farmer's market.
We came home and began the carving process. This year the girls loved the part where they got to dig all the insides out.

They spent some time coming up with designs for the face and then watched as Daniel and I did the carving.
Today, Sunday, is Daniel's birthday. We've started out the morning with a big grits and tofu scramble breakfast and now they are watching a movie in bed. We'll let him spend the day how he wants while we cater to all his needs:) Of course we'll have cake later on. So, here's to Daniel--the greatest dad, husband, and friend a woman could want. Happy Birthday!


William Kruidenier said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel! How does your fourth decade feel so far? Good job on the first three!

Laura Parker said...

happy bday Daniel! loved the pics of the girls with the pumpkins. hope yall have a restful day celebrating!

Lesley said...

That's great! I am glad you guys are finally enjoying a family weekend at home. We too and enjoying that this weekend.
Happy Birthday Daniel! Your dad sure makes you sound old talking about 4th decade!!

We love your delicious tofu scramble and would love the recipe...might you post it sometime soon??

Love, Les, Jason and Alder.

jendanellenarianna said...

The fourth decade is going great. It's so surreal. I picked up my first SS check and did a walk at the mall. This evening I am going to eat a cracker, a block of cheese and drink several large glasses of wine. I made some new resolutions:
1) Grow a better beard
2) Finish my education before 5 decades.
3) Find the source of the temporal order and throw a wrench in the gears.

Elderly yours,

Anna Morrison said...

Ah Daniel, you still have your wit. Happy Birthday to YOU! Big hugs from the Morrisons. :)

Anna Morrison said...

I'll raise a glass to Daniel tonight. Amen to his greatness.

SJ said...

Fun!!! Having fun catching up with you guys a bit through your blog. Blogs are great! Ran into Chris Sinclair in Thailand this week and found out you had one. Happy birthday to Daniel!
Sarahjoy Swartzentruber

William Kruidenier said...

Ah, the seasoned reflections of an elder-in-waiting. The malls will be ever with us, but you better grab your SS check while you can. And don't forget your Metamucil to keep that cheese moving.

Been there, done that,