Monday, October 20, 2008

Family comes to Columbia

My family came to Columbia this weekend. My brother, Neal, and his family (Paige, William, and Parker) have never been to our house. They drove up from Baton Rouge to go to the LSU/South Carolina football game. My brother is a huge fan and actually got his tickets from a friend who happened to win them from a radio station. Since they were coming, my mom and BB came to spend the weekend with us all. Since we don't have much extra room, they rented hotel rooms a few miles down the road. We had a wonderful time hanging out on our porch and the kids played in the backyard. Thankfully the weather was perfect. We also went swimming at the hotel and watched the game Saturday night. Sunday we all (except Daniel who was sad to have to work) went to the Children's Museum.

Here's BB entertaining the kids at the Waffle House.
Neal and Daniel after LSU beat South Carolina. I love this picture. I think it's the only one I have of my brother and my husband. It's funny though because they both look kinda scared:) Daniel says it's because they are tired (it's 11:00pm at night) from standing and yelling for almost 4 hours and freezing cold since they didn't bring coats and it got really chilly that night. Plus the guy taking the picture was probably drunk and really close to their faces.

Painting a mural at the museum.
Parker loved this big fire truck in the museum.
Playing on the swingset in the backyard.


Stephen Kruidenier said...

Wow, looks like a blast!

Kathy said...

This mother/grandmother/mother-in-law is so proud!! Who could ask for a better family?
We had such a wonderful visit and those cousins do so love each other. Too bad we didn't get to see more of Columbia, but maybe in the Spring we can do it again!