Monday, October 20, 2008

SC state fair 2008

We spent last Thursday evening at the state fair. We rode tons of rides over and over again. The girls were not afraid of anything. Ellen was tall enough to ride most of the rides and wanted to do them all! Arianna could ride a lot more this year but still had to wait patiently during a few. We had dinner and also treated ourselves to fair foods including cotton candy, two kinds of french fries, and lemonade! We stayed until 10:30pm, but the girls would have stayed all night.

On the ferris wheel with friends.
Yummy cotton candy!
On the skyride over the midway.
On the rocking ship. Ellen's choice for the last ride of the night.
The dragon coaster


Laura Parker said...

how fun! wish we could have gone with you guys. looks like it was a blast!

April said...

We were there the same day/evening! We probably passed by you and never even knew it. I thought the shows were a lot of fun this year especially the Sea Lion.

Claire said...

lots of new posts, yeah! You always make me look forward to the cool stuff we will do in a few years! But then your stuff will probably be even cooler (like an eight mile pack in camping trip on some beautiful mountain)...hmm, maybe by then Ellen can drag Nora along:). Love seeing your beautiful faces!

Anonymous said...

I bet we were nearby. We came upon the sea lion act right as it was ending. We need to watch more of the shows. So far our State Fair experience has consisted of ride to ride to ride to bed.