Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ellen had her 2nd art class reception last night. She was enrolled in a 6 week class at the USC art department called Drawing, Painting and More. They offer several different art classes for school age children every semester. Ellen's class worked with paints, pastels, paper mache, and clay. She loved going to her classes and especially loved seeing her work on display.

The assignment for this piece was to come up with a super hero. Ellen created the "Flyer Blinder." She fights by shooting out something that blinds her enemy.

This shows two pieces. One is her clay "monkel" the camel-monkey. The landscape she made for his habitat is behind it.


William Kruidenier said...

Nice work, Ellie! "Monkel" -- I like it!

Laura Parker said...

creative job, Ellen! bravo. love the colors and the creation of the superhero that blinds people. isn't art fun?! :)

Anonymous said...

SUPER DUPER JOB LITTLE ONE! Your Mimi is so proud!!!
Can't wait to see you all.

Scott said...

We have always loved Ellen and Arianna's art. Keep it coming!