Monday, November 17, 2008


We spent the entire weekend doing some remodeling projects. First was the marathon (2 1/2 hour) trip to Home Depot to collect the supplies. We were trying to avoid making another trip but that didn't really happen.

The first 2 projects were replacing the insides to both of our toilets that had recently started to run. That was fun. I don't have a picture of can get a good look at your toilet insides anytime. They are pretty easy to work with so if you have a leaky toilet this is a good beginner project!

Next was putting in a new marble counter and sink in the master bath. Of course the sink didn't fit exactly right. So I go back to Home Depot, return the sink and begin the process of ordering a custom top. After talking to the very helpful clerk I decided having a marble top that hangs over 1/2 inch more than I'd like is better than spending more money on a lesser quality top that fits exactly right. Then I go back to the front and buy back the exact vanity top I had just returned! That was Home Depot trip #2. We had to go back Sunday to find pipes to fit since the sink is now in the middle instead of on the side.

While I was gone dealing with the vanity, Daniel installed a new light above the kitchen sink and began putting up the new sheet rock in this spot by front door. We took down a piece of wall a while back so now the only thing left to do is replace the ceiling drywall and the hardwood floor.
Next was replacing the kitchen counter top. Cutting the hole for the sink was a major pain but Daniel handled it beautifully as I stood over him double checking all the measurements. :) We were both nervous about cutting into such an expensive piece but it turned out beautiful! I love my new counter! We also changed out some plumbing under the kitchen sink that you can't see, but trust me it sure looks shiny under there now:)

After (also notice the new light!)
What were the girls doing the whole time? They did help here and there holding pieces and tools. They learned a little more about plumbing and carpentry. Mainly, though, they were playing together. Here they are after clearing out a patch for their new fort in the back yard.

They still can't resist playing in cardboard boxes!


Laura Parker said...

i am so beyond impressed! yall always were good at that stuff! the counters look amazing! i am going to have to show matt and wemight be doing that this winter too! great work.

Claire said...

nice counter!

William Kruidenier said...

Beautiful work -- I have a kitchen countertop that needs replacing and have wondered if I could do it myself. Now I know who to call. Good job -- love the girls in the box!

Anna said...

Wow! The sink and kitchen counter tops look amazing! What a difference just changing one thing makes. Want to come do mine? Haha!
Love you guys!
P.S. Tell the girls Aunt Anna will make a fort with them any time!

Lesley said...

I can't believe you tackled all of that in one weekend! The multiple trips to the hardware store is SUCH an annoying part of doing these projects. Jason and I (mostly Jason) can relate 100%.

It all looks really great! Take weekend off now and play play play.

Love, Les

Anna Morrison said...

Once again, I sit here totally amazed and in awe of you two, my heroes.
I can't wait to see the improvements myself!

Kallie said...

We are totally in the same boat! Why is it that one trip to the hardware store will never do? I hate going back. We haven't had countertops for 2.5 weeks now, so cooking has been interesting. The before and after pics of your kitchen give me hope for ours! Everything you have done looks great.