Friday, November 07, 2008

Stuffed Creations and caught a lizard

We were having car trouble this week. I won't go into the exciting details :) but we had to stay home from activities for 3 days. The girls were sad to miss out on dance and their coop classes, but we found some creative ways to spend the hours at home.

You may already know about the "ball body wing shooter" and other aliens that the girls created a few months back. Since then, this character has shown up in lots of drawings. Ellen also had to create a monster and write a story about it for her writing class so she used her ball body wing shooter. Arianna had made up some of her own creatures. While we were home yesterday, we spent the day making stuffed animals out of the girls' creature designs. The helped me measure, trace, and stuff the pieces. Then they picked out the extra beads for the eyes and nose. They are very proud of their new creations and have spent time building homes, telling stories and acting out their day with these monsters. I'm going to repost some old pictures of the alien drawings that they did in August.

See if you can find the ball body wing shooter by Ellen

and the swirly monster by Arianna (on the top row). BTW, Daniel drew some of these aliens.

Today the girls came in so excited to show me the lizard that Ellen caught. It is the first time she has actually caught by herself. Wish dad was here to show him. We had to take a picture.


Anna Morrison said...

I feel like I am right there with you. I love how you capture these moments.

Cute stuffed guys and drawings!

You made good out of a not so fun car situation!

Lesley said...

Hi Jen and girls!

I am stumped on the 'ball body wing shooter', but loved seeing these drawings again. I had not noticed the very long-legged bird pooping on the person before (bottom right corner), but really like this one!!

I know it must have been tough to stay home for a few days away from the normal activities, but it looks like you guys made the very best of that time and maybe did some stuff you might not otherwise.

I am also jealous of you getting so much use out of that sewing machine! Great work!

Love and miss you all.

Laura Parker said...

how fun. way to be creative despite a hard situation. loved the drawings! i am totally going to try to copy that idea this week. :)

jendanellenarianna said...

the ball body wing shooters are the little circled guys with triangle shaped things shooting out his wings at the bad monsters. yes, the pooping monster is ellen's favorite too!

Anonymous said...

wow! great job for mom and girls!

Mandy Leigh said...

Hey Jen! So great to "see" you and Daniel. Your girls are beautiful. I love that I can catch up a little bit on how y'all are doing. I added you to the blogs I follow, hope that's okay! Blessings to you guys!