Monday, November 21, 2011

Congrats Daniel

Daniel was selected by his department chair at Midlands Tech to receive the Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year award. This is a great honor as he was one out of 12 of the 500 Adjunct faculty members at MTC to receive this award.

It is amazing that he is recognized for this award especially since he is juggling so many other jobs at the same time. He is teaching 5 classes at MTC and USC, writing a dissertation, and applying for jobs, in addition to being an amazing husband and father. He is working extremely hard right now trying to finish things up here at USC. Congratulations Daniel, the girls and I are so proud of you!


William Kruidenier said...

Way to go, prof! A high honor indeed, and well deserved. Jen left out "dog trainer" from the list of full-time pursuits. I assume Daniel had just said, "Blue, Jay -- lay down while I play guitar!" Very obedient!

Scott said...

Applause and a raised glass for Daniel!

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats! This is much deserved. ;) So proud of you.

You wear your hats so well, Daniel. Keep it up.

Much love from all the Morrisons.

Oh! Maybe this warrants a Kruidenier/Morrison party soon to celebrate. (wink... wink...)

Lesley said...

Super Daniel! I know what it takes to engage students in the classroom and it is no easy feat. I would love to sit in on your class and learn a thing or two.

Missing you guys.