Sunday, November 13, 2011

Napkin Pillows

My mom gave us our beautiful red couch a couple of years ago. I had an idea to use napkins to recover the pillows that came with it since they didn't match the room. I love the fabrics at World Market so I bought 3 napkins @ $1.99 each. The first time I sewed the pillows about six months ago, I used the store bought napkins for the front with some antique napkins from my grandmother for the back. Her old napkins were so soft (and thin) that they wore out in only a few weeks! I guess there is a reason that people use upholstery fabric on upholstery:) This weekend I bought some scrap upholstery fabric from Hancocks for $2.50 and this afternoon I made the pillows again. This time I'm hoping they'll last a little longer.

Notice the $10 price tag on the top of the old Singer machine. Daniel bought this for us at a garage sale years ago. He keeps it working for me and it works like a charm.

I don't do much sewing--really just halloween costumes, hems, and these. I think the pillows turned out nice and it just took less than 2 hours. More importantly, it cost only about $2.75 a pillow.


Lesley said...

These look great Jen!
I have been internet shopping for pillows just like these for awhile now and cannot bring myself to pay $30-$50 per pillow! These are exactly what I want...I am inspired..if only world market was not so far away.

Love you, Les

laura said...

I know this is late, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!! another baby!! How awesome is THAT?!?! Wowsers. So much. fun.

Excited for you guys. Your girls are just gorgeous! That beach trip looked like a blast! And these pillows are precious! (Could I use any more exclamation marks in this comment?!!!!)

Just, Yeahhh!!!!!

William Kruidenier said...

Beautiful -- looks like a new business to me! Great work, Jen.

Kallie said...

That is a fabulous idea. I am taking a sewing class right now...and you are inspiring me with the pillow idea. I am always looking for thrifty decorating tips and they really look great!