Saturday, November 05, 2011

Fall Break Beach Trip

This was our 5th annual beach trip with friends from Virginia and North Carolina. This year their were 4 families (8 adults, 10 kids from 2-11). We found this beautiful house right on the beach in Emerald Isle. Besides the first day being a little windy the weather was gorgeous.

This year we gave the older kids (5+) had a lot of freedom and told them they could head out to the beach whenever they wanted. During this time of year the beaches are not very crowded so the kids had tons of space to play. As you can imagine, the big kids did not want to come inside.

Our house.
Scott and Daniel getting ready for a long day at the beach.
The kids spent a lot of time digging holes. Here's Daniel covering them up.

Brothers, Alder and Heath jamming to Dan Zanes.
Feeding the pigeons.

Kalen flying the kite.

Everyone in the water (except the moms).

Daniel and Arianna

Alder, Arianna, and Kalen inspecting the treasures.

The dads during the horse shoe marathon. That game is a lot harder than it looks. I can't even get the horseshoe anywhere near the other side!

Madelyn and Arianna. Notice the red streaks. Anna and Scott added henna coloring to all the girls' hair.

All of us.

Last walk on the beach.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous. Take me back...

Miss you more now.

Lesley said...

Me too. Can't wait til next year. Love you guys.