Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Christmas Vacation part two Mountain City

After visiting with Daniel's side of the family, we traveled to Boone and Mountain City to see a few friends and some of my side of the family. Neal and Paige (my brother in sis-in-law) and his family go to Mtn City to stay with mom every New Year so we met them there. On our way, we stopped at Anna and Scott's house in Boone for lunch and a long afternoon of playing. We got to mom's on Thursday evening where we opened the last of the Christmas presents and settled in for a few more days of vacation.

We went skiing at Beech Mountian, NC. Daniel spent all day towing the girls up the bunny slope and they soon learned how to ski down and stop. Even though I'm a decent sckier I was not comfortable taking the girls down a regular slope. I went down a few slopes by myself but soon found I'm not the skier I used to be. In fact, I'm a big baby and was scared of being hit or falling the whole time. I did get hit from behind one time years ago and I'm still not over it! :) or at least that was my excuse. We were very proud of the girls!

As if that wasn't enough adventure. . . we all went ice skating the next day at Appalachian Ski Mountian right outside of Boone. If you've never tried it, ice skating is a lot harder than it looks!! The kids skated behind those little things that you push along the ice and hold on to. We had lots of fun and laughs.

Neal and Will

Way to go mom and thanks for treating us to a wonderful weekend! (That's mom in the yellow sweatshirt.)


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