Sunday, January 28, 2007

old friends

I went to a baby shower for a dear friend of mine this weekend. Kelly was my roomate and best friend in college. We went to Appalachian State and shared a little 1 bedroom apt. for a year before moving out to Banner Elk with 2 more friends for our senior year. I had not seen Kelly, Kara, or Courtney in almost 4 years. Kelly lives in seattle now and is expecting twins! Courtney and Kara are both maried and living in NC. We had a great time remembering the good ole days:)

This is a picure that a photography friend took of us back in 2000 when we lived together.

This is at the Shower on Saturday.

I told Daniel that it didn't look like we have changed. He said that's because we are all getting older and don't notice it in each other!:)

Daniel spent the day with the girls playing on the trampoline, building a fort and a fire then going to the ice cream shop and toy store. A fun day with dad!

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