Saturday, January 13, 2007

Arianna's trip to the ER. . . she's ok. (written by Daniel)

We had one of "those" days today. It started out normal. "They" usually do. That's the thing about horrible bloody accidents. You never plan for them. Of course there are certain factors, when put together, that certainly make them more likely. Add a bright sunny warm day to a new trampoline, two excited, laughing, light girls, and one overly enthusiastic, heavy dad and stir well. The world is at peace, all is well, and I descend with a perfect double bounce. The girls ascend all smiles. But wait there's something about that angle. It's not right. As if in mid-fall slow-motion Arianna rolled back and Ellen floated on top of her while they headed toward the mat. Once there faces collided I knew we were in trouble. Ellen got off of Arianna howling, but not bleeding much. But when I took Arianna's in my arms my hands and her face were stained red. I took a quick look and from what I could tell Ellen's tooth went straight into the front of Arianna's upper lip. It was deep and nasty. So, just like that we entered crisis mode. The whole family rushed to the emergency room, with our newly acquired Medicaid in hand, and sat through all the stages of waiting. Finally after a couple of hours Arianna was glued back together (when I was growing up this was a stitches affair) and we were sent on our way. "That feeling" in my gut is now starting to subside. What a way to spend a Saturday. And it wouldn't be a Kruidenier tale without mentioning the stoic strength and endurance that Arianna maintained through the whole ordeal. Think about her over the coming days as she heals. And of course a card or phone call would be extra special for her

Here is Arianna resting with a full tummy of Soy-Delicious (Vegan ice cream) and Bugs Bunny on the tube. Most of what you see is drainage. The cut was very clean and should heal up nice and tight. And if anyone is thinking, "Dammit Daniel, be careful!" I know, I know I have been thinking it all day...

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Anonymous said...

Sooooo sorry! The good thing is, the mandatory trampoline accident is now history and it should be clear sailing from here on! Give her a hug for me.