Friday, March 09, 2007

Finally it's Friday

Well, the compugeeks weren't able to get our data off of the hard drive. It was such an ordeal on Monday when we realized this. I spent time trying to figure out where we were going to send it and how much we were willing to spend on getting it. There are places out there that can save data and have a 90% recovery rate but it can be very expensive--up in the thousands to have done. We were trying to decide how much the past 2 1/2 years of documents and pictures was worth to us. When Daniel and I sat down after the girls were in bed we tried everything we knew to get the mac running again. I sat next to daniel for several hours while we tried new programs and consulted his dad on different tricks to get the files off the computer. I was impressed with daniel's persistence and patience with the whole thing because I finally went to bed and would have just thrown the thing out the window if I could! But, he didn't and just kept tinkering with mac. I'm not exactly sure what happened but something amazing did! It turned back on the next morning and we scrambled to get the most important things off first, grades for daniel's classes, then pictures, then writings, then finally we were able to save to discs all of his music. I can't begin to explain how excited and relieved we were. I'll just give one more warning for everybody out there to back up your computer!!!!!

We had a very nice week after that. Spring is finally here and we have been finding new blooms and buds coming out everywhere. It's fun being in a new house because we don't know exactly what's in our yard. The girls and I have fun finding and journaling about the new plants.

Spring break has started for Daniel. He has a conference this weekend at USC and is getting to see old friends and profs from UIPUI. One is staying with us on our pull out couch. Sunday we leave for Hunting Island State Park to camp for 2 nights. It's right on the beach and has "subtropical" vegetation including a palmetto forest and also a lighthouse. Lots of locals have described it as their favorite place to go and we are looking so forward to it. The girls have been counting down the days till we go camping all week. The weather forcast has been calling for rain but we are going to head down there anyway hoping for the best. At least it's going to be warm;) On Tuesday we will come back and drop Daniel off before leaving again on Wednesday for the mountains. My family from Jackson is visiting my mom and BB in TN. I've been telling my cousins for months that I would see them during spring break but I didn't realize it was going to be the same week as our spring break. Anyway, I'm thankful we worked it out so that we go camping AND still get up to see them.

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