Sunday, March 25, 2007

My parents started a band!

Mimi and BB have started a band called DeJavu. They play mostly oldies music. There are 7 members in the band now and they sound great. BB plays lead keyboard and Mimi plays backup and sings harmonies. Their studio is in their detached garage that they converted into a hi-tech recording studio! They practice twice a week and have a website (it's one of my links on the side of this page.) They will be performing in Mountain City at the Heritage Hall on April 14th. I'm so proud of BB who after working for years as an attorney for the LA senate is finally doing what he truly loves. All the band members are really nice and very talented. The girls love to listen to the band's demo CD that we just got and they sing along to the music while we are in the car.

My aunt Ellen and my mom (mimi) grew up around music and they love singing together. Here they were singing Brown Eyed Girl with the band and the kids.

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