Sunday, March 04, 2007

problems and solutions

So after the hard drive failed on our mac laptop, the hard drive began to fail on the pc that mom gave me! We took our mac in to "compugeeks" to see if they could get the data off of the hard drive after the computer completely shut down last Sunday. We were a bit worried since daniel had his writings from the past few years, all his students grades, I had pictures, and we both had tons of music and of course most of it was not backed up! Thankfully they are able to get our stuff off of the hard drive (hopefully as I will know for sure tomorrow when I go pick it up.) We were very thankful to have the pc but it soon showed the same error message "smart drive failing." That happened at the beginning of last week and I called mom on Thursday complaining about our problems and she offered to give us her desktop pc that she doesn't use. I had my first dance class and was the host for this weeks early learners coop so I couldn't drive up there to get it so mom volunteered to bring it to us. About an hour later mom was on her way with the new computer! She stayed the whole weekend and played with the girls and even took them out yesterday to give me and daniel the afternoon off so we could hang out alone. It was a very relaxing ending to what was a very stressful week! THANKS MOM

Daniel found this snake in the yard yesterday while cleaning up. Ellen was not afraid to hold it and as you can tell she loved it!

This is a picture of us eating lunch the other day. We like to sit out on our back deck when it's so warm back there. The girls were being silly and I had to get a picture of the outfit that Arianna had on. She picked that out. She loves to wear things that are colorful and I love to see what she comes up with. I think this was the second or third change of clothes that she made for the day.

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