Wednesday, August 06, 2008

2nd stop Baton Rouge

We made it to Baton Rouge about 2am Saturday morning. It is such a long drive. We stayed with my dad for the first 2 nights. He has lived in the same house for more than 30 years. There the girls loved playing with their cousin Samantha and their dog Gadget.

We spent the next 2 nights at my brother Neal's house. My mom and BB were in town from TN and staying there as well. Once we got to Neal and Paige's house we didn't see much of the girls since they were busy playing with their cousins Parker and William. We went to the pool, and Daniel took them on scooter rides around the block, and we sat under the carport in the shade and watched the kids play.

We only did one thing outside of visiting at my brother and dad's houses. Dad took us to this hidden treasure on a busy street near his house. A man who has lived on this land for about 50 years started a garden/farm with vegetables and perennial fruit trees. I'm sure he has been offered millions for this little bit of paradise, not because of what he's growing but for the value of the land itself. It is in a prime commercial real estate zone.

We walked around and learned a little about the way things grow in Louisiana. We made mental notes of what we can do with only a small amount of land one day!

Here is Mr. Bahee standing underneath the second largest mulberry tree in Louisiana. He loved the girls and took them on a ride on his golf cart before even talking to us. :) We could have stayed there all day! We bought several fall tomato plants from him. He also dug up and gave us a loquat tree that was growing out of his compost.

We were sad to leave on Tuesday morning. We look forward to another trip down there around Christmas.

The third and last stop we made on this road trip was a short visit in Jackson MS. We didn't stay long, just enough time to stretch our legs and say hello to my grandmother and my cousins. No pictures since I hardly had time to even get out my camera. We got back on the road and landed back in Columbia about midnight.

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