Friday, August 22, 2008


We spend a lot of time drawing. When the girls are not playing with each other in their free time they are sitting at their table drawing. As a family we often sit together and get out drawing books too. Here are some examples of some recent creations.

This is a watercolor by Ellen. We were following a lesson from the Usborne Drawing Faces book.

These are Initials by Arianna to Mom.

Some of you might remember the monster creations that we posted back in March. Ellen still draws these and now she is calling this one an "Alien Battle." If you have time to spend a minute there is so much going on. Everything is very intentional. There are several families of the same Aliens. The ones with circles are good, the ones with lines are evil and the ones with both want to kill everyone. There are 7 "ball-body-wing-shooters" who are good. There are just a few humans in the picture which takes place on the moon.

The girls created mailboxes that hang on the wall in the playroom. We each have one. This came from Arianna to Dad in the mail. She used a stencil to draw the bird but colored it using the colors of a robin copied from a bird poster that we keep on the wall by the window.


William Kruidenier said...

Wonderful pictures. Ellen's creation looks like something from the mind of George MacDonald or C. S. Lewis -- no doubt due to the countless hours of stories they've had read to them from those authors. Such creative details!

Arianna's pictures always have a sweet feel or theme to them -- sort of a "less is more" approach -- as thoughtful as Ellen's but in a different way. The robin looks like a photo it's so well colored.

Thanks for posting these -- so nice!

t said...

jennifer. so cute. these pictures ellen draws are brilliant. i printed the "goud" vs. bad picture she drew a few months ago and it's on my wall here at work, as everyone loves it... much love to you guys! love. tara

Anna Morrison said...

your girls truly have a sense of self. they are able to express themselves so well. that comes out in their art.
give those two artisits a hug from the morrisons. we sure do love you all.

Kathy said...

So impressive...i can just see their minds at work. It is a tribute to their parents for teaching them how to express themselves. WELL DONE ALL OF YOU!

Stephen Kruidenier said...

I still have every picture they ever sent....