Monday, August 11, 2008

Kale salad

The same friend who first shared the Adai recipe with me told me this trick to making raw kale taste really good. I promise, it really does. Just try it and I think you'll agree. Just a few years ago I despised dark leafy greens. I can remember specifically because when I was pregnant my midwife would ask me every time we met if I was eating them. They are so good for you and she was serious about me getting enough. I was not eating nearly as much then as I do now. I wish I would have had this recipe:)

My favorite kind of kale is lacinato or dinasour but any kind will work. You simply rinse the leaves and put them in a bowl. Then you pour a dash of salad oil (I use canola but I'm sure olive would work), balsamic vinegar, and the key ingredient is the umboshi plum vinegar. (You might have to find it at a health food store or international grocery. I can get it at Earth Fare.) I don't have exact measurements because it will depend on your taste for how vinegary or oily you like your salads. We like them really vinegary so I add more. You just need enough to massage the leaves with. I know it sounds crazy but that's how it was described to me. You rub the leaves with this dressing. The green leaves will get darker and you can let them sit for a few minutes but they will be ready to eat once they are covered with dressing, dark in color and completely massaged:) They have a rich nutty flavor and I am addicted to them!

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Anna Morrison said...

YUM!! One of my favorite "Jen additions" to what we eat here in the Morrison home.

What would I do without you?

I cut some of our Kale a week and a half ago and it has already grown half way back. I love Kale!! I have never tried the dinosaur kind. I have seen it at the farmer's market though. I bet Julianosaur would enjoy that kind. Hee hee