Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School?

I guess you could say we are back to school although we never really stopped. The girls and I did ease up a little. They continued with math, reading, and writing most days. We took lots of field trips that were considered science like picking berries, ranger programs at the natl. forest, and bike rides all while making our nature journal. Of course we were gardening, baking, building, and exploring around the house. Daniel taught one class each summer session which allowed him to have flexibility to be home while studying for his qualifying exam and preparing/grading for classes. It was so nice to all be able to take breaks and eat meals together during those summer days.

Well, that is officially over now. Daniel has started back his fall semester teaching 6 classes. One of the classes he is subbing and will only be teaching for the first 2 weeks. He is also teaching two classes of Contemporary Moral Issues and one Inductive Logic at Midland's Tech and two classes of Deductive Logic at USC. He will also try to fit into his schedule research and writing of his own for conferences and his dissertation.

The girls started back to ballet this week. They will also be doing a homeschool coop which starts next week where we will get together with other families once a week for a few hours to take science, world cultures, writing and recorder all taught by other parents. I want to write more about the specific schedule and curricula we are using at another time. I've uploaded the poem below that the girls memorized this week. It is by Robert Louis Stevenson and was used in Ellen's copywork notebook. Copywork is one thing that we do every day. Again, I'll write more about that in another post. I just wanted to explain the video I put up this morning.


Anna Morrison said...

i have been wondering how you all have been. thanks for the update. thinking of you a lot in this homeschool business. :)

Lesley said...

What a wonderful poem! I love it.

Cant wait to see you guys here soon.

Les, Jason and Alder.