Monday, September 15, 2008

Ellen's 7th Birthday

We had a burrito dinner birthday party sleepover for Ellen's 7th birthday on Saturday night. We had 15 adults and 15 kids and we served burritos to them all. We also had pinata and 2 cakes! Daniel and I were busy serving and cleaning and didn't take many pictures. None of the pinata! How sad since it was home made:) But we all had a wonderful time. Six of the girls spent the night. They were awake until midnight when we finally got them to settle down and go to sleep. They were bright eyed at 7am Sunday morning and ready to play some more. There were no major problems. The girls had a blast. Thanks to Granddaddy for bringing some food to help out and thanks to Jen, Rose, Sylvia, and Ruby for driving from Chapel Hill to celebrate. It was nice to have a 3rd adult in the house to help out with all the girls.

We are still celebrating today, her real birthday. Mimi came down and took us out to eat to her favorite restaurant, Moe's. She also took us to the toy store and bought the girls a few more treats. All I can say is I can't believe my baby is 7. Doesn't it seem like just yesterday that we had her while living in that tiny cabin in West Jefferson, NC? I am so thankful for my beautiful big girl!

Here's a few pics not in order. Scroll over bottom of slideshow and click on text bubble icon to see my comments on each picture if they are not showing up.

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