Monday, September 29, 2008

Rollin on the River...

We took another trip to the river and had a blast. This time Jennifer dropped us off and went to the store to pick up paint supplies for another house project and the girls and I went rock hopping. The water was frigid. Jennifer explained that this was because much of the water is released from the bottom of the Lake Murray dam. Or maybe I am just getting old, but geez it was cold. The girls didn't seem to mind.
Those of you who remember our Boone days know that we literally spent many free wonderful hours loafing, hiking, hiding, playing, climbing, wondering, wandering, smelling, chasing, eating, sleeping, crawling, exploring, and talking in the rivers and woods of the Blue Ridge Mtns. Once the girls were born we eased up a bit, but now they are old enough to really enjoy places like this. I miss it terribly. I ache for it! Kinda. I swear there aren't many things I pay for that bring as much pleasure as a large hot rock in the middle of a bubbling, chattering river. It's superb.
Here is the now classic Kruidenier girls pose.
I took some action shots just for fun. The girls were like frogs on lily pads. They look so daring caught in mid-air.
Ellen makes her leap.
We did do a bit of swimming but man-O-man it was cold. Here Arianna and I traverse the maddeningly powerful rapids (kinda) while Ellen waits patiently on a rock behind.

If you come to Columbia-have we got a place for you!


Lesley said...

what fun! I agree about there being few things that match a warm rock surrounded by flowing water! Oh to be on Wilson Creek for a day again!

I love the girls bathing suits and they look very daring - crazy how photography can provide such an illusion!

Looking forward to seeing you guys here soon.

Oh yeah, and isn't it almost time to plant garlic? I forget when you guys did it last year...

William Kruidenier said...

That river looks down-right mountainy. And the cold water sounds right, too. I'll bet the girls will grow up with the same longing I have -- to be around rushing water and finding smooth river rocks. I'm convinced my love for that scene comes from the trips my family took to the Tennessee Smokey Mountains when I was very small. We would stop the '51 Ford convertible by the side of the road and walk down to a rushing stream and play, collect rocks, sit in the icy water, and eat mama's sandwiches (no such thing as fast food then). I echo your "ache" for that experience -- and glad your girls are having it etched into their memory cells. Very nice.

Scott said...

We want to come play too!

Laura Parker said...

what fun to see pics of a fun daddy/daughters day. isn't that the precious stuff of memories? thanks for sharing.

ps--did you know we named our cat, Boone? funny, eh?

Anna Morrison said...

made me smile so much. love it.