Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thank You

Our good friends, the Weidenbachs, let us borrow their car after our scooter was stolen. They were planning a visit to Columbia the weekend of labor day when it happened and offered to bring their extra car down for us to use. We were thrilled! Daniel was able to use it for 3 weeks while we dealt with filing police reports, insurance woes, looking for a new vehicle, and getting tags and registration for the new bike. We drove to Greenville this weekend to bring the car back and hang out for the afternoon. The weather was beautiful, kids played outside, and Shael served an awesome spaghetti dinner with tofutti cuties for dessert! Thanks guys!


William Kruidenier said...

Loyal friends are a treasure. Good for you that you have some, and good for the Weidenbachs that they are!

Anna Morrison said...

A friend in need is a friend in deed. I believe that.

They are so generous. Glad that worked for you.

I saw some motorcycle photos the other day with a super cool guy sitting on it. Congrats on that!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Shael and Tom for helping out so much! Now that's what I call major FRIENDSHIP. Your generosity will be rewarded one day.

Laura Parker said...

loved reading all your recent posts! so glad you have good friends to help. and , Jen, loved all the info. you wrote a while ago about homeschooling. was so helpful to see what you are using. i am trying out mathusee , too, and loving it so far, but am still just getting my toes in the water with it all. so glad i will get to keep up with you this way better. your girls are beautiful and yall look so happy! love yall, L