Wednesday, September 10, 2008

local adventures and visiting Charlotte

I can't believe we've lived in Columbia for a little over 2 years and just found this place. We went to the Saluda river near downtown with some friends last Saturday. (Here's a site with good info on the 3 rivers in columbia) It was so beautiful. Unfortunately the dam sirens went off about 30 mins after we arrived (after we lugged our bags of picnic supplies out in the middle of the rocks:)) so our trip was cut way short. We are sure to be visiting this spot many more times soon.

We went to charlotte Tuesday night while uncle Dave was in town from Philadelphia. Anna came over and we met up at Gail's house, ordered take out from PF Changs and sat by the pool while the girls swam. It's always great to be around family and that was probably the last time for the girls to be in the pool for the year. They loved "night swimming."


William Kruidenier said...

Ha ha! Was "damn siren" a double entendre or a typo? Beautiful place -- is that the same river with the bike path running by it? Is the dam the one I saw that day?

Anna Morrison said...

Looks like fun! Night swimming must have been a real thrill.

Don't you just love PF Changs? Next time you visit, we'll have to go. Well, actually there is a new Indian place opening up, we ought to go there as well. :)