Thursday, January 08, 2009

Meet Blue

Our new family member, Blue.
We are all excited about our newest pet.
We picked him out from the pound last weekend. They said he is lab mix about 2 years old but we think he may be a little younger. He is medium sized and just a little taller than our older dog Jay. Jay is tolerating the new and younger member of the family. I assume he'll be more playful as he and Blue get to know each other. Our cat Max is giving Blue a hard time. He is not happy about having him around yet, but is already warming up to him a bit. Blue is very scared of him--it's funny how an animal can be so scared of another animal that is half his size.

We fell in love with Blue on Saturday. After thinking about it and looking at some other dogs, we decided that he was the best dog for the family and went yesterday to pick him up. He has been great so far. He loves the girls--follows them around and gets a lick in whenever he can. He sleeps a lot inside, usually right next to where we are. He also loves all food. He tries to get what we have and cleans up whatever we drop. I love that about him. I won't have to sweep so much! :) Jay never likes much of our food, and doesn't even take dog treats. He is very timid. He mainly stays close to me all day waiting for a rub:) Blue seems to be a little more normal, not so scared of everything (except the cat). Neither one of the dogs bark much. I was comforted today when I did hear them bark at someone walking down the street. It wasn't overly obnoxious. It just let me know someone was near and let them (the strangers) know that dogs were inside. I'm glad to have that extra protection. Not that I was ever scared, but it is nice to know that I probably won't be bothered with the dogs around. He doesn't chew on things either. Not yet at least.

So today the dogs curled up next to us as we continued life as usual. We all love having them around.


Anna Morrison said...

that last photo is such a keeper. :)

can't wait to meet Blue. was he already named? who came up with the name. i like it.

i know the girls are so enjoying the newness of having another life around the house.

enjoy! miss you all.

William Kruidenier said...

Very nice! A handsome addition -- great name and a good look.

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, good name for a song!
Blue looks terrific and seems he's already a member of the family. The girls are so excited. Happy, happy.