Friday, January 30, 2009

What have we been doing lately?

Here's a blurry picture of the girls' finished knitting project. They knit a long rectangle then sewed the sides together. They crocheted straps then sewed them on to make great little purses.

They are also modeling their new t-shirts that we made. The idea came from my friend Anna. The girls chose their favorite animals (lizard and dolphin) and I used stencils to cut out fabric and stitch them onto these shirts. They are very proud and have worn them for 2 days in a row.

This picture was taken last week during the big snow that you see in the background. Our friends that moved away came back for a visit. The kids had a blast. (thanks for the beautiful hats Lesley and Jason...we love them!)
We had a little playgroup reunion at our house. Here they are having snacks.
Playing at the park.

We've been playing lots of music. The girls practice recorder and piano 3 times a week. Daniel has been playing some CCR along with them on the piano. He taught them a few chords (C, G, F and Am) and they keep rhythm and play along. Pretty cute and they love it.


Anna Morrison said...

you creative cats you! i LOVE LOVE LOVE the shirts! stencils, there's an idea! beautiful!

i enjoyed seeing daniel encouraging the musical stuff there. so sweet.

your home is full of love, creativity and meaning!!!

miss you.

Laura Parker said...

loved seeing the pics of you guys having fun over the last weeks. and love the music stuff--brings me back to the ol IV days and the drum and all the guitar playing . . . good times. love yall! L

William Kruidenier said...

Happy days in Columbia. Looking forward to hearing a piano-guitar duet!