Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plato not Clay

This morning the girls were sitting at the little table doing writing. The selection that Ellen happened to be copying was from Aristotle. This is the conversation that followed:

Ellen smiled and said, "Daddy was just telling us about Aristotle last night."

I said, "oh really, what did Dad say?"

Ellen responded, "He was very wise, because he said he knew nothing. He was the first philosopher."

Then Arianna said, "yep then came Clay."

Before I could figure out what she was talking about and respond,

Ellen said, "not Clay, Plato!"

I thought that was so funny. Arianna was associating Plato with play-do in her mind which is the same as clay. Hilarious. I had a hard time containing myself:)


Laura Parker said...

what a funny story! an impressive that your girls are hearing about aristotle from their dad! awesome.

Anonymous said...

That is too cute. Let it be known I initiated no such conversation. They asked what I was going to be teaching.
Haha! Clay.
That reminds me of the questions I got the other night.
Ellen-"How far does space go?"
Arianna-"How was the first human born?"
Dad-"Really? We get to talk about this together? It's too good. Far too good."
But alas I have forgotten my answers...! Haha.

Anna Morrison said...

ha ha ha. hee hee hee. i would have totally lost it. that is super cute. little philosophers in the making.

William Kruidenier said...

Aristotle knew nothing, but Arianna knew the second philosopher was a Clay-Man. Sounds pretty smart to me! Don't you wonder what she was thinking in that little mind -- a man who was clay? Amazing how little minds work. So simple and innocent. Didn't bother her a bit that the second philosopher was like clay. Way to go, Arianna -- and way to go Ellen for knowing the right answer!

Jason said...

oh yes, you captured something wonderful with that post, Jennifer. love it.

michelle said...

That's hilarious!