Tuesday, January 20, 2009

QT with good friends

We took a quick road trip to Durham over the long weekend to visit our good friends the Morrisons. I can't say enough sweet words about this great family. We spent 2 nights at their house. We feel at home there and none of us wanted to leave on Sunday! The kids have been friends since they can remember and played wonderfully together. They especially loved playing in the woods behind the house, doing crafts/drawing together, and performing a show for the adults. Even though it was literally freezing, they spent hours outside exploring and creating. The moms and dads took turns going out to coffee shops and book stores:) We are so thankful for these good friends.

I stole some of these pictures from Anna since they came out better than mine--thanks Anna!
The girls posed for a picture while we all were out getting pretzels in Chapel Hill.

Creating fingerprint creations.

Writing the story for their original play.

Taking a bow.

Here we are before going out for coffee.
I just think this is too cute and a great idea for other moms. We found this idea in one of the cookbooks at Barnes and Noble while we were out. It's a veggie dog octopus we served the kids for lunch!

This is right before we left to go home. Some of the kids were really sad.


Kathy said...

So glad you all got to be together! Great photos of beautiful people and brilliant children!
Love you all!

Anna Morrison said...

the group pic is cute. good aim.

come back super soon! or just come live next door. :)

Claire said...

awww, I love seeing good friends together, maybe someday I'll get the pleasure of meeting you anna!