Sunday, June 28, 2009


We had the pleasure of having our cousin Devon from Jackson, MS stay with us for a full week. Ellen and Arianna just couldn't wait for her to get here. Their 10 year old cousin is one of their best playmates and friends.

The girls spent most of their time playing inside since it was terribly hot outside that week. Our dogs were center of attention, and the playroom was hardly recognizable with characters from littlest pet shop, playmobil, and dolls set up shop and home from wall to wall.

We went swimming at a pool...

And the lake...
We went to 2 free music events, the children's museum, playgroup, and ballet classes. Devon fit in perfectly with our friends and she even loved most of the food we served. I'm sure it was very different from what she is used to and she was happy to try everything we were having. She loved our fresh cucumbers and all the garden veggies we were eating almost every night.
Picking fresh flowers from the garden.
Sweet cousins and friends.

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Anna Morrison said...

I know that Devon must have been overwhelmed by the love an attention shown to her as she visited with you. I enjoyed looking through the pictures and seeing her face after you telling me she was coming. I glad it went well and was so enjoyable. :)