Monday, June 08, 2009

Dance Recital 2009

This year Ellen, Arianna, and I were taking ballet classes at Columbia Ballet School. The studio put on The Wizard of Oz for the recital this year. Ellen was in two classes and performed as one of the "mayor's welcoming committee" in this crazy black and white tutu that you see below. She also danced as an emerald city girl and helped Dorothy get ready for the wizard. Arianna performed a really sweet piece in the lullaby league.

All of the pictures above were taken backstage. I was back there because I'm also teaching one preschool ballet class that performed as the farm hands in the show. A few months into the school year the studio manager asked me to help teach this class at one of the preschools in town. It had gotten so big with 18 little girls that they needed one more teacher. I had a great time teaching the class and my girls loved it because their favorite babysitter got to come over and play for one hour every week! Here's a few of the girls in my class pictured below. I hope to be teaching few more preschool ballet classes next year. I've already contacted another preschool that will be starting a ballet program with me. I may have a class or two at the studio as well. Next year, Ellen and Arianna will be able to come with me to help assist!

It was a great show. I think it was one of the best dance recitals I've been to -- and I've been to a lot over the years. I don't mean because of my kids (who stole the show in our eyes, or course) but because of the older dancers. The studio specializes in ballet training and the dancers that are just a few years older than our girls are amazing on point.

My dad, Daddy Bill, and Davie (pictured below) drove up from Baton Rouge to watch the recital. They are going to be in Columbia a few days. We are having a lot of fun visiting. William (daniel's dad), my mom and my nephew also came in town for the show. It means a lot to us to have family in town on these special occasions.

I mentioned above that I take ballet classes also. I have an hour long class every Monday night that I've been taking for 2 years. I usually get dinner ready and then run out the door for 6:00. It is an intermediate adult class, and is very good exercise physically and mentally. I can totally focus on my body and myself for a short time every week. For some reason I come home with new energy and a fresh feeling for my house and family. I'll be continuing that class through the summer.


Lesley said...

Did you dance in the recital, Jen? Where is the picture of you?

Sounds like a great time! A great way to celebrate progress and hard work and share your girls' talents with the family.

Love you, Les

Anna Morrison said...

Been thinking a lot about all of you dancers. What an exciting time for each of you. Thanks for sharing such sweet pictures. Wish I were there. Can't wait to hug your necks this weekend and hear more about the performances.

Love you all so much.


liz said...

Sooooo cute!