Tuesday, June 23, 2009

On stage with rock star Billy Jonas

Billy Jonas comes to Columbia once a year. We look forward to his concerts because they are so much fun. He plays a guitar and also other instruments made from recycled materials such as buckets, barrels, bells, pots and pans. We have a few of his CDs including his newest one called Happy Accidents. He plays all over the US and abroad.

This year he was playing in the Richland County Library as a part of their summer reading celebration so it was a free concert. (another reason to love the library!) We got there early and the girls piled in the front rows with the other kids and adults. During the concert he taught the crowd one of the new songs and the sign language to go along with it. After singing the song all together, Billy called Ellen and her friend on stage. He said they were doing the signs so nicely he wanted them to demonstrate:) Ellen was shy but did a great job. She was so excited but I could tell a little nervous to be up there. He is a rock star to us! Anyway, this was a few weeks ago but I'm just now getting to uploading the pictures. We had a great time at his concert as always. If you don't have his music you should check him out. I bet your library has his albums in the children's section. That's where we found him when we lived in Indianapolis. We didn't realize he was from this area until we moved here and we found out he had a huge following.

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