Thursday, June 18, 2009

Camping in the mountains

Last weekend we went camping on Grandfather Mountain (near Boone, NC) with our dear friends, the Morrisons. We had been planning the trip for weeks! Scott found a wonderful campground that was great for families and car camping. We had a nice spot tucked back in the woods by a creek. Our cars and the bath house were close but we couldn't see them so it felt like we were really far away. The weather was perfect. We couldn't have asked for a better vacation camping trip.

I've got tons of pictures to share. First is this great spot where we set up camp. We cooked all our meals on stoves set up near the campfire. Daniel used the campfire to grill squash and roast potatoes from our garden. The kids enjoyed putting potatoes and not dogs on sticks and roasting those over the fire too. We also brought our little baby Taylor camping guitar so the guys played for us while we were cooking and hanging out. The kids took turns too.

Across the street from the campsite was a big open field. It was so beautiful to walk out of the woods and have this view! It made me really miss the mountains.

On Saturday, we went over to Hebron Rock Colony to explore the rocks and waterfalls. This was a place that Daniel and I used to go to when we were in college and even after when the girls were babies and we lived in Boone.

All the kids were very brave and hopped all up and down these huge boulders. The parents were guiding steps and holding hands. We watched as the kids were totally enjoying themselves. It is an awesome place. The kids took turns standing under waterfalls and sliding down rocks with help from the dads. Little Brady was not quite big enough for most of the adventures but he had fun with mom watching from the side.

That hike was very exciting and we were all tired and ready to relax around camp when we got home. Thanks to the guys for keeping the fire going and to our friends from Columbia for letting us borrow an extra large tent for all the kids to sleep in!

While back at the campsite the kids spent lots of time at the creek collecting crawfish and salamanders, making dams and playing games in the water.
And here's a fun game of Uno.
Saturday evening we got to go on a free hay ride around the campground.

Here we are in the last few minutes before leaving. Being in the woods is so refreshing. None of us were ready for life in the real world yet. We miss our good friends already.

On the way home we took a driving tour through Boone. We drove by our old house and up to the top of Howard's knob, another favorite place of ours. The girls had never seen the view from the top. We spent a little while looking out and reminiscing. Then Daniel took the girls back in the boulders and helped them on their first experience bouldering.


William Kruidenier said...

What a great trip -- and pictures, too! Looks like a real memory-maker. Thanks for sharing all the pics.

Jason said...

wonderful post. We're next. Funny that we have talked about how neat it would be to rendezvous with you guys and our youngans one day, back on our old stomping grounds. Love to yall. We are so close to 4.

Kallie said...

Your pictures are so great- they really capture so many great moments. I sure do miss swimming in the cool mountain water and feeling those mountain breezes. I'm glad you guys enjoyed it- it made me want to the mountains- I sure do miss it sometimes.

April said...

Would you mind to email me the name of this campground please:

We love the mountains also but have always stayed in Cabins or timeshares. We would love to find a nice place to really camp. Thanks so much for sharing:)

Matt Parker said...

how fun! loved seeing hebron. i remember going there years ago too. what a fun memory maker for your families. love you guys. love, L